Logan Village Produce, 2 Centenary Place, on the corner just up from the roundabout in
Logan Village, has been operating under new ownership since July. Kevin and Sue Wills,
have been adding new features and products to the store as well as keeping the old
favourites. Our friendly staff are able to assist you with any questions you might have
regarding the care and well-being of your animals. Logan Village Produce regularly runs
specials and it is always worthwhile finding out what the special is each week. Coming up to the summer months, dogs need to be clean and free from fleas and ticks. At Logan Village Produce every Tuesday is cheap Tuesday and your dog can have a bath with special flea shampoo and conditioner for only $5.00 – this is a saving of 50%.   On Thursday, bring two dogs down to the dog wash for the low price of $15 for two.  A saving of $5.  While there check out the flea and tick solutions available for your pets. Logan Village Produce is open 7 days a week from 8am, so why not call in and check out what’s in store today.